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Rodolfo Acosta (Composer)
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Rodolfo Acosta (born in Bogotá, 1970) is a Colombian composer, primarily of electroacoustic music. Composer, teacher and performer born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1970, he has carried out musical theory and composition studies in Colombia, Uruguay, France, U.S.A., Mexico and Holland, with Coriún Aharonián, Graciela Paraskevaídis, Klaus Huber, Roger Cochini and Brian Ferneyhough, among others, and at several institutions such as I.M.E.B., Fondation Royaumont, STEIM and Berklee College of Music. He has received prizes and other national and international distinctions. His work - both acoustic and electroacoustic - has been performed in some twenty countries of the Americas and Europe, and has been published in score and on CD by Matiz Rangel Editores, the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, Editorial Musical Sur, ACME (Colombian Electroacoustic Music Association).

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