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The Band Goes Overseas
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Tina felt so proud when she played her triangle right at the end of the school concert. And the best part? She now has a bunch of new friends to have fun with in the music room. And now, the school band has been invited to play in a competition in England! The children are beyond excited. But when the children's instruments are accidentally sent to the wrong country, Tina is sick with worry. How will she perform without her special Trixie Triangle? Join Tina and her musical friends as they travel overseas in this third book in the Fun in the Music Room series. The Band Goes Overseas teaches children that if they believe in themselves, they can overcome any obstacles - especially when they are part of a team. Playing music together is when the magic happens! Check out the other books in the Fun in the Music Room Series: Book 1 - Meet the Instruments Book 2 - Tina's Musical Surprise

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